The Incident - Playing the Hero


After the screening of "The Hitchhiker" at the Underground Film Festival in Munich, James Kellogg expressed his interest in a collaboration to produce a film. We exchanged a few ideas for a dramatic thriller and after about a year, the main story plot behind "The Incident" came into being. It took another three months to refine the story-line and write the dialogues that made it into the Quasi-Fictional story that it is today.


John's life slowly fell apart after a fateful incident, that left him with a traumatic brain injury, retrograde amnesia and physical impairment. Cindy and Pete, supports him in all the ways they can, but everyone has their limits. After his release from hospital, John started to recall and place events from the past year into perspective. By chance, he stumbles upon truths, that threatens to turn his fragile world upside-down.

Genre: Dramatic Thriller

Written & Directed by: Fivaz Buys

Produced by: Quasi-Fictional and James Kellogg

Status: Post-Production

Completion Date: Early 2020

Festival Screenings: 

Starring: James Kellogg, Kathrin Anna Stahl, Marjan Radanovich, Dana Reinhardt, Sina Bianca Hentschel, Hanna Maria Schlau and Paul Schmidt

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Status: Post-Production

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